Equality and Diversity at the Astrophysics Research Institute

The ARI are proud to hold a Juno Practitioner award; a commitment to improving the diversity, wellbeing and working conditions within the department. As a department we are also working towards an application for the Athena SWAN bronze award.

As part of the ARI, the Liverpool Telescope group are dedicated to creating a positive and welcoming attitude for the NRT project. This page highlights key working initiatives we are contributing to and ideas to create positive working environments. We welcome your input and ideas, and invite you to share them with us.

Our Six Juno Principles

  1. A robust organisational framework to deliver equality of opportunity and reward.
  2. Appointment and selection processes and procedures that encourage people to apply for academic posts at all levels.
  3. Departmental structures and systems which support and encourage the career progression and promotion of all staf and enable people to progress and continue in their careers.
  4. Departmental organisation, structure, management arrangements and culture that are open, inclusive and transparent and encourage the participation of all staff.
  5. Flexible approaches and provisions that enable individuals, at all career and life stages, to optimise their contribution to the department, institution and to SET.
  6. An environment where professional conduct is embedded into departmental culture and behaviour.

Departmental Workshops

The ARI are holding a variety of departmental workshops to promote confidence, researcher skills and awareness of mental health in both staff and students. There are also a variety of diversity seminars from academics and experts who describe the scientific analysis of many biases present in academia, in particular physics and engineering.


The ARI has non-career-specific mentors who are available for staff or students to approach to discuss problems. Supervisors and line managers are also encouraged to take Mental Health First Aid workshops to enable them to be aware of how to support those with mental health issues (which often arise during the pressure of a PhD).

Away Days

The Liverpool Telescope group will attend an away day to promote group positivity, communication and team work. Photos and stories will be posted on our news page after the event!