Site visit

On 25th June 2018, LJMU staff Éamonn Harvey, Stuart Bates and Adrian McGrath visited the Canary Islands for three days. The first day was spent on Tenerife meeting Asier Oria Carreras, Juan José Sanabria Cumbreño, Miguel Ángel Torres Gil and Carlos Gutierrez of the IAC. Following a tour of the IAC’s facilities they held one of the regular board meetings, with participants from LJMU contributing via videolink.

The second day was spent on La Palma. Some maintenance work was carried out on the LT by LJMU staff and the team visited observatories, including the William Herschel Telescope, GranTeCan and the Carlsberg Meridian Telescope - the proposed site for the NRT.

Left: Team photo in front of the GTC. Right: The group visits the Carlsberg Meridian Telescope.

The teams also met with the ING director Marc Barcells and the architect to discuss the NRT site and plans.