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Director of the Iranian National Observatory visits the NRT Liverpool office

Professor Habib Khosroshahi, director of the INO340 (Iranian National Observatory) project, visited the Liverpool John Moores NRT team in September as part of a collaboration and knowledge exchange meeting. The INO340 project is led by the Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences in Iran (IPM) and serves as an impressive reference for the NRT. This visit allowed NRT engineers and scientists to learn lessons from the project as well as discuss the current NRT design status.

Image showing Ali Ranjbar, Habib Khosroshahi, Helen Jermak and Dave Copley in the NRT offices in Liverpool.

The following main topics were discussed by scientists and engineers from the IAC, Oviedo and LJMU in a hybrid meeting format (in-person and online):

  • INO340 overview

  • NRT Project science

  • NRT Instrumentation

  • NRT Software demo

  • NRT Enclosure

  • NRT Telescope structure and focal station

Insights gained from the visit will directly inform components of the ongoing NRT design work, which is now focused heavily on preparation for the next major design milestone; the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) later this year.

Professor Khosroshahi was a postgraduate researcher at LJMU from 2007-2008 before joining IPM faculty and has been engaging in discussions with the NRT team for a few years. A familiar face to many staff in the institute, it was a pleasure to host Professor Khosroshahi and to hear about the excellent progress of INO340. There are ongoing discussions for potential collaborations between the NRT and INO in the near future.


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