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NRT at a Science Fair in Gran Canaria

NRT staff from IAC were pleased to be present at the "Cuanto Talento" science fair in Gran Canaria on the 20th and 21st May. The best science YouTubers of Spain gathered together with many representatives from different research institutions with a common aim: share their science and inspire young people.

On Friday morning, about half a thousand students visited the fair. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the public was mainly composed of families and groups of young people.

The IAC had a stand where different talks and experiments where offered, including some related to NRT. A 3D printed model of NRT was showed to explain how telescopes work and what it is special in this telescope: being a big fast robotic telescope.

The IAC stand at the science fair "Cuanto Talento"

NRT worker explaining and giving out some NRT leaflets

NRT worker giving a talk about the cosmic origin of the elements

Watch this space for more NRT-related events!


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